A window for new BRAVO smoothies

Published on: 02.10.2017

Skånemejerier has launched a new range of smoothies under its famous BRAVO brand in Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with the window feature.

The new BRAVO smoothies cartons are designed with five circular windows down the right side of the Pure-Pak® carton. The windows enables consumers to see when product is nearing empty prompting repeat purchase. The feature can also help with portion control and minimize food waste by enabling consumers to see content volume. Launched mid-summer 2017 with a special voucher promotion, Skånemejerier say that the new BRAVO smoothies were launched to bring a convenient alternative to the growing trend for homemade smoothies – ‘bringing a shortcut to simple and everyday pleasures.’ The BRAVO smoothie is perfect for breakfast and a snack – with each carton containing ‘a whole lot of fresh fruit.’ The new BRAVO smoothies in Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with the window feature are, as Skånemejerier says, ‘smart and good at the same time.’