Advance milk supports healthy growth

Published on: 07.09.2016

Advance milk from Delta Dairy in Greece, is a fresh milk specially formulated to aid healthy growth in infants and toddlers aged one to three years. First launched in 1999, Advanced enriched milk was relaunched in 2009 in Pure-Pak® cartons with the Curve® feature. Advance milk is enriched with the extra vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids that infants and toddlers require for healthy growth. Only the highest quality of milk sourced from the best-fed Delta-owned cows is used for Advance. It is mildly pasteurized within 12 hours of milking to maintain the natural colour and flavour of fresh milk making it easily digestible for young children. Advance marked a major breakthrough in the Mediterranean baby food sector and was welcomed by both mothers and the pediatric community.   

Delta has a long standing partnership with Elopak and selected the Pure-Pak® carton with the Curve® feature as it provides the best protection to maintain vitamin content and freshness, plus is an innovative pack design with high on-shelf stand out.