AE Dairy offers flavours people love

Published on: 20.12.2016

AE Classic Egg Nog packaged in the quart Classic Pure-Pak® cartons with closure is a much loved product. “We
receive ‘love letters’ from those who no longer live in Iowa, and need their fix of this holiday treat,” says Miriam Erickson Brown, President and CEO. “We package AE Egg Nog in the fall through Christmas, but we receive
requests for it year round.” Another popular variation of this holiday tradition is Mimi’s Milk Nog which gives
customers the option to enjoy the delicious flavour with a lighter texture. This 50/50 blend of half Classic AE Egg Nog and half AE Fat Free Milk is packaged in half gallon Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with closure. “We call it the everyday egg nog,” says Marketing Director Kim Peter. For chocolate lovers, AE offers two holiday options in the Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with closure for easy opening and pouring. AE After Dinner Mint – packaged in the dark brown and green quart carton – is described as the liquid version of the confectionary namesake combining smooth creamy chocolate and subtle mint notes. AE Dark Chocolate – found in the silver carton with deep, dark brown lettering – is made with twice the amount of rich gourmet, European cocoas as compared to regular AE Chocolate Milks. Both flavour options are a welcome addition to parties and celebrations with family and friends.