Bar-le-Duc brings more flavour to growing water market

Published on: 04.04.2017

Bar-le-Duc, part of United Soft Drinks, is expanding its range of natural mineral water in The Netherlands with the launch of two new flavoured waters packaged in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with a convenient closure.

The new products are a refreshing mint flavoured and a lemon flavoured water introduced end February alongside Bar-le-Duc’s original and natural mineral water packaged in 2 litre Pure-Pak® Classic cartons. These are the first 100% natural flavoured still mineral water products to be launched in the Netherlands.

Bar-le-Duc Natural Mineral water comes straight from the source and is 100% natural. The water has a unique mineral balance which is good for the body and is naturally pure.

The new flavoured mineral waters along with all Bar-le-Duc Mineral Water products contain no sugar or calories, with no artificial flavourings and preservatives added. The two new products are launched as the flavoured and functional water market continues to grow globally driven by increasing obesity and healthy lifestyle trends. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of obese children below the age of five was 42 million globally and this is set to rise to 70 million by 2025. With increasing concern over obesity and associated diseases there is a rise in popularity for low calorie drinks – with flavoured water considered a healthier option. In addition changes in lifestyle has created more health conscious consumers, with flavoured waters also becoming popular with older consumers. Healthy living is becoming an important consumer objective, with more focus on fitness, wellbeing and appearance.


“Consumers want their beverages to provide more than just hydration,” explains Kees Geelhoedt, Sales Director, Elopak. “Water products that are bringing more value with flavours, essences and enhanced properties are getting more attention and becoming more popular, hence the category is predicted for further growth.”

“Bar-le-Duc has been packaging its mineral water in a two litre Pure-Pak® Classic carton for many years enhancing its premium, pure and natural image. The carton has become very well-known and respected as a package for the mineral water segment and will provide the new products with a convenient, easy to open, pour and store pack,” adds Kees Geelhoedt. “This leading market player is the first to introduce 100% natural flavoured still water which provides the consumer with a healthy choice and a refreshing and tasty way to get their daily water intake – supporting wellbeing both at home and on the go.”