Best quality for SalzburgMilch

Published on: 02.10.2017

The 1st June 2017 marked International Milk Day around the world celebrating the dairy industry and its important contributions to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition.

The date was therefore selected by Austrian Dairy SalzburgMilch to mark an important milestone for the dairy with the introduction of innovative carton designs created to showcase new recipes and new standards of animal welfare, health and quality. The re-launch took place across about 60 products in Pure-Pak® cartons within the current SalzburgMilch line including new product Täglich frische Alpenmilch - ‘daily fresh Alpine milk’. “Made of daily collected milk this is a genuine fresh milk that contains the natural fat content for a full and unadulterated taste,” explains Florian Schwap, from SalzburgMilch. “This was not only a design re-launch but an introduction of fundamental changes in recipes and higher milk quality levels,” says Florian Schwap. “We call the new and improved line our ‘Premium Milch’ as it reaches completely new standards in animal welfare and health.” “As part of the dairy industry we bear a huge responsibility and are committed to the wellbeing and health of our farmers’ cows,” adds Florian Schwap. “Therefore, we support our farmers to pay attention to the welfare of their cows, the result of which is the best premium milk.”

The new carton designs focus on two key focal points for SalzburgMilch’s ‘Premium Milch’ of animal health and family farms. The cartons feature some outstanding designs showing the floral landscape of the Alpine region and decorated cows in several colour combinations. The cartons also inform the consumer of SalzburgMilch’s animal health initiative, family farms and nutritional values. “We wanted to be seen as very different to standard mid-European milk designs and we think we succeeded with these eye-catching cartons,” concludes Florian Schwap. “SalzburgMilch has used Pure-Pak® cartons across our product ranges since 2009. Consumers are happy with the easy opening, safe and smooth pouring and easy folding for recycling. “One key element to the new design is the unique red closure which is now an additional brand element for SalzburgMilch and completes our very important landmark re-launch cartons.”