BIOG Molkerei speaks from the heart with new carton

Published on: 18.03.2016

The products from BIOG Molkerei were launched in the beginning of January 2016 in 1 litre Pure-Pak® cartons with a large closure for added convenience: 1 liter BIOG milk 3,8%, 1 liter BIOG semi skimmed milk 1,5% and the
supermarket label 1 liter Cactus milk 3,8%. All cartons have a fifth curved panel which creates a distinctive shape and a communication tool for key messages. 

BIOG previously contract packed its products at the Luxlait Dairy in Luxembourg. In June 2015 the farmers of BIOG decided to open BIOG Molkerei, a new dairy owned by the farmers to fill their own dairy products. However, the packaging type used by Luxlait for BIOG did not reflect the key intrinsic values and philosophy of the new organic dairy. Therefore, the move towards Pure-Pak® cartons was a logical change. 

“When choosing the new package, BIOG was attracted to the shape of the carton with the Curve® feature and the new design opportunities,” explains Kees Geelhoedt, Elopak’s Sales Director Benelux. 

The Curve® panel states ‘Bio & Fair & Regional’ highlighting that this is a dairy which promotes organic farming, supports a fair dairy business and its area by sourcing regional milk.BIOG Molkerei is a fully organic dairy and is part of Bio Farmers’ cooperative (BIOG) in Luxembourg who works together to protect the environment and support organic agriculture. 

BIOG supports farmers with fair prices and promotes these practices to the consumer to spread awareness. As a dairy, BIOG Molkerei operates traditional process for its milk production with the fat content corresponding to the natural fat content of the whole milk fluctuating around 3,8%. “With its new package the dairy wanted to bring some differentiation to the market in Luxembourg and also give more profile to what is truly at the heart of their business,” adds Kees.