C.F. Burger brings festive egg nog

Published on: 20.12.2016

Bringing nostalgia to the Christmas season, C.F. Burger’s egg nog range includes Old Fashioned De Luxe egg nog made with farm fresh milk and rich cream, eggs, sugar ‘n spice. Plus, reviving one of America’s first holiday drinks is the Colonial Style Custard Nog made with a touch of vanilla.

Bringing plenty of cheer for Christmas consumers is also ‘The Party Favourite’ Holiday Nog which offers a cholesterolfree option. Also ‘Noggers’ who are wanting a healthier tipple can chose the Egg Nog Light with 50% less fat and only 140 calories a serving and also a Fat-Free Nog option. For an extra celebration this season and special treat is the C.F. Burger Creamery Nog, Caramel, Dulce de Leche. All the Egg Nogs from C.F. Burger Creamery are packaged in 1 Quart (946ml) Pure-Pak® cartons with the Curve® feature which seals in the flavour and freshness of these traditional festive beverages.