J7 Tonus range for health and fitness

Published on: 07.09.2016

J7 Tonus is a special range of functional mixes for modern consumers interested in healthy lifestyle. 4 product sublines deliver 4 special benefits: keeping fit (Fitness), healthy digestion (Lightness), tiredness reduction (Energy) and goji berry extract (Superfruits). J7 Tonus was launched in February 2016. This was a big re-launch of previously existing brand Tonus which provided a solid base for the renewed proposal with functional benefit. Target markets for the product are Russia and CIS.

The Elopak carton for J7 Tonus launch was chosen with a purpose to attract new users converting them from competitors brand and not to alienate former Tonus users, making new package successive. Complete marketing mix upgrade to support brand launch was implemented, all elements were changed but the packaging due to its proved high visibility and good communication potential. Product benefits of each subline come from special features of the recipes. Energy line contains acerola extract and provides 50% of the daily recommended norm of vitamin C in 1 glass.

Fitness line contains less calories than regular fruit juice. Lightness line helps to keep digestion healthy due to prebiotic in its formula. Superfruit line contains goji berry extract. Each subline contains 2 tastes – one unique and one more classic. The launch was supported with a massive communication campaign. High quality and consumer appeal of J7 Tonus together with this mix of activities allowed to deliver + 20% sales volume vs initial plan in the key channels.