Madeta supports healthy lifestyles

Published on: 08.09.2016

Madeta, the largest milk processor in the Czech Republic has a number of beverages that meet consumer demands for products that support a healthy lifestyle. Madeta’s ‘Fitness’ range was launched in 2011. Packaged in 500ml mini Pure-Pak® Diamond cartons with the Curve® feature, Fitness is a range of five whey drinks including mango, cranberry and citrus varieties that ‘taste like juice’. A white tea with peach flavor and ‘Energy’ drink with added vitamins, minerals and proteins completes the Fitness portfolio which has 0% fat and no artificial colors or flavors. The complete range of Fitness drinks was enhanced further in 2014 with the addition of stévie plant extract sweetener. A natural alternative to sugar, stévie has lowered the calorie content of the drinks by 30%. Whey drinks have many health benefits. Because whey contains highly digestible proteins, this can suppress appetite and help with weight loss. They can also help to keep the intestinal flora in balance, lower blood pressure, and can cause a reduction in the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. Athletes often consume whey protein during training as it supports the growth of muscle mass and general overall health. 

Protecting health all year round 
Launched in 2012, Madeta’s Imunel Smart Drinks are drinking yogurts enriched with zinc and symbiotic cultures to support the body’s immune function. The range of three products including natural, strawberry and cranberry flavor, are packaged in 330ml mini Pure-Pak® Diamond cartons with the Curve® feature. Imunel Smart Drinks are formulated to help the immune system protect the body from daily stress and environmental factors in all seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.