New Laban caters for expanding tastes in Italy

Published on: 19.05.2016

Italian dairy producer Latte Varese has launched a new Laban product under the Mediterranea private label, especially developed for the growing population of North African background. The new Laban, a fermented milk product, was launched in March 2016, in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with a closure. Laban is a very traditional product made from cultured milk which dates back to Arabian tribal times when milk was preserved by mixing fresh raw milk with fermented milk. Left to ferment naturally it was found to last longer and taste good and from this Laban has evolved to become a popular, everyday beverage across North Africa and Arabia. “With the population of Italy becoming more culturally diverse there are opportunities to cater for some specific tastes and customs,” explains Jacopo La Rosa, Elopak’s sales manager in Italy. “There are a growing number of consumers from North Africa and Arabic nations, and Laban is very important and traditional to these groups.” Sold through ethnic shops, the Mediterranea Laban is half skimmed and is offered in a natural flavour, with a carton design that features product information in both Italian and Arabic. Latte Varese plans to develop its range of Laban to further cater for this emerging market in Italy.