Rayeb targets digestive health

Published on: 07.09.2016

The Egyptian Food Industries – Juhayna – has found its Rayeb product launched in 2014 in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Classic cartons to be very popular with consumers due to its digestive health benefits. Juhayna was the first to introduce packaged cultured buttermilk to the Egyptian market under the brand name “Rayeb” in 1990.  The product gained instant popularity making Juhayna the number one producer of drinking yoghurt in Egypt.

It is the fermentation of milk used in the process of making Rayeb that aids digestion and helps to reduce bloating. Juhayna’s Rayeb also contains three active probiotic bacteria which help promote a healthy balance in the digestive system by:

  • Reinvigorating the activities of healthy bacteria that reside inside the human gut for a healthy metabolism 
  • Helping aid optimum digestion.
  • Protecting the digestive system from harmful bacteria.

In keeping with its commitment to continuous product innovation, Juhayna has also introduced new “Rayeb” flavors including Green Tea with Lemon and Amar El Din (dried apricot).