Skånemejerier expands renewable closures across brands

Published on: 18.03.2016

Key Account Manager, Elopak Sweden, Jörgen Björnson explains, “The Hjordnära EKO organic brand is made from 100% organic milk sourced from environmentally conscious farms with high standards of animal welfare. To date there has been no plastic closure as this would not be in line with the product’s wholly natural concept. Whilst listening to consumer calls for a closure, Skånemejerier saw the opportunity to increase both convenience and sustainability with the addition of a closure made from renewable materials in autumn 2015.” 

In February 2016, Skånemejerier has further expanded its use of renewable materials. The dairy has introduced a large size closure made from renewable PE to the private label fresh yoghurt in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Diamond cartons for retailer ICA. The leading grocery retailer in Sweden has driven the use of renewable and lightweight materials for its packaging due to consumer demand for products with lower environmental impact. 

The closures are made from certified second generation renewable polyethylene (PE) made from organic residue from waste products such as used cooking oil and other fats. “Elopak is working with customers to meet both consumer demands for convenience, usability and sustainable products by delivering both cartons and closures made from renewable materials. Skånemejerier is a leader in dairy packaging innovation and was the first in the world to launch the food waste saving Pure-Pak® Sense carton in 2013. It continues to expand the use of sustainable packaging materials and features such as lightweight closures across its brand portfolio,” adds Jörgen Björnson.