The Optima closure – the optimum performing closure

Published on: 19.05.2016

The first Optima closure was launched for fresh products in 2014. Since then the mid-size closure has received strong consumer feedback and its portfolio has been extended t o include renewable and aseptic options. 

The Optima series
Optima closure was developed due to customer demand for a mid-size closure and was launched with key customers in Europe. Feedback from consumers so far has highlighted Optima’s good performance and environmental properties. The latest additions to the series include an aseptic Optima closure developed for UHT and long life products providing optimised performance with one-step opening. Extending the portfolio is also Optima membrane, a two-step opening option for long-shelf life products, water and hot fill products bringing increased safety for the 2 litre segment. “Customers wanted a ‘universal’ mid-size feature,” explains Marcel Duarte, Director Feature Systems. “The Optima series is very versatile and can be applied across many carton configurations which in store present good visuals for product ranges and helps enhance brand messages.” In 2015 the Optima for fresh products became available featuring renewable material. In addition to renewable PE, and in combination with the Pure-Pak® Sense carton with its foldable feature to help combat food waste, the renewable Optima forms part of the ‘Greenest Pure-Pak® carton ever’. In terms of environmental benefits, the Optima series is lightweight with approx. 30% raw material reduction compared to Elopak’s standard X closures, and lower CO2 emissions in production. “The Optima closure portfolio was developed to provide an alternative to larger closures as a more mid-size closure option across product ranges,” adds Marcel Duarte. “Less weight means fewer costs bringing an economic alternative to larger closures when it comes to environmental fees whilst maintaining performance and consumer acceptance. “The addition of the renewable Optima for fresh products is proving immensely popular with customers who have the option of a 100% renewable carton. There is also huge benefit to the UHT sector with the aseptic Optima providing better handling in terms of opening, pouring and reclosing compared to competitor’s cartons according to consumer tests. Indeed, 80% of German consumers taking part in tests preferred the one-step-opening Optima,” says Marcel Duarte. 

For more information on the Optima closures contact Director Feature Systems Marcel Duarte, marcel.duarte@elopak.com