TINE expands its Pure-Pak® Sense carton family

Published on: 19.05.2016

In 2014 Norwegian company TINE started to move its 1 liter fresh milks from Pure-Pak® Classic cartons to Pure-Pak® Sense cartons. Following the success of this move, TINE decided to switch all its products filled in Pure-Pak® Classic, to Pure-Pak® Sense. In May 2015, TINE expanding its portfolio and becoming the first in the world to package juices in Pure-Pak® Sense cartons with the launch of its Sunniva juice products. The most significant change for all of TINE’s products was the move of its Kefir to Pure-Pak® Sense cartons. This product has for over ten years been packaged in Pure-Pak® Classic cartons without closure. “The Pure-Pak® Sense carton with its foldable function allows consumers to sustainably reduce food waste,” explains Andreas Weselka, Key Account Manager, Elopak Norway. “Research has shown that the Pure-Pak® Sense carton is favored by consumers compared to alternative packages due to its improved functionality and capability to help with the major global problem of food waste.” The Pure-Pak Sense TINE family is set to grow further and new formats are being considered continuously. TINE’s showcase dairy in Sem houses the high capacity Shikoku S-PSF130UC filling machine which enables the flexibility to convert between carton sizes and formats.

TINE Kefir, made with kefir grains, contains 6 different lactic acid bacteria and two different types of yeast is highly viscosity and is therefore a perfect product for the Pure-Pak® Sense carton. The easy to fold lines of
this carton allows consumers to squeeze out considerably more product to substantially reduce food waste – thus it is ideal for thicker fermented products such as Kefir. The folding feature also makes the carton easy to prepare
for recycling or disposal.