Our organization

Who we are

Elopak is a dynamic organization with deep packaging system knowledge and ambitious goals; a truly global corporation operating on every continent of the world.

Collaboration with our customers and partners ensures that quality packaging continues to meet challenges ahead. We will achieve this through our strongly rooted principle of ‘collaboration at work’.

In Elopak we aim to provide a safe cooperative workplace for our trusted people. We want them to feel a sense of community with their colleagues through collaboration, ensuring everyone feels part of the company as a whole.

Our responsibility

Collaboration at Work

Great things happen when we work together. This is part of our DNA, and what our customers value. At Elopak we know that packaging counts. And that better packaging solutions can make a world of difference. By working closely across functions and geographical locations, we are always seeking better solutions together. Doing our best for our customers and for a better world.

A safe work environment

In Elopak we have the clear objective to ensure a safe workplace by taking proactive approaches to reach our target of zero injuries. Safety at work is a management responsibility, ranking equally with our commercial activities. Every Elopak employee has an individual and collective responsibility for safety at work.

Elopak commits to ensure a safe workplace by including safety into our daily processes and activities. In line with our values, this requires clear thinking, acting dynamically and behaving with integrity – Safety is a core value in Elopak. In fulfilling our commitment Elopak acts in accordance with legal requirements, company and industry standards.

We are working with continuous improvement, which means that we constantly and systematically improve processes and standards, and maintain equipment to achieve zero injuries. We take all reasonable steps to improve our workplace, ways of working, and skills. In order to identify, monitor and control safety performance Elopak is setting and managing clear safety targets.