How to use the Elopak Whistleblower

If you discover misconduct such as corruption, financial fraud or unethical business behaviour, please let us know by submitting a report through this on-line reporting system. Elopak employees and external stakeholders have the possibility of reporting suspected misconduct securely and confidentially through the Elopak Whistleblower.


You can choose to submit your report anonymously or to submit your name and your e-mail address together with your report. Reports and questions submitted through the Elopak Whistleblower will be treated as confidential information. We encourage you to provide your name and contact details, as this will make it easier to address your concern, but you can also submit your report anonymously. All reports and questions will be investigated equally irrespective of it being anonymous or not.

When to use the Elopak Whistleblower

Please be aware that the Elopak Whistleblower is not intended to replace existing workplace procedures. Rather it provides you an additional, alternative and secure means to report matters that concern you. Matters could be breach of the Elopak Code of Conduct and Anti Corruption or a suspicion that something happens that might violate the Code Of Conduct and Anti Corruption policy.

If you are an Elopak employee please consider first to raise the issue with your manager,  local HR or directly to the CFO/Compliance Officer or the CHRO.

Elopak has entered a service agreement with external expert company KPMG Norway to handle any report made through the Whistleblower. The service provided by KPMG ensures that Elopak employees and external stakeholders can report their concerns confidentially. KPMG will safeguard the notifier's anonymity unless they want to give up their identity.

You find the Whistleblower form here.
The Whistleblower form is available in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Russian and Dutch. You can select the different language versions on the start page of the form.

You can send an e-mail to: varsling@kpmg.no

You can call directly to: (+47) 406 39 400

This service is available Monday to Friday 09:00-15:30 hrs. Your phone number will not be displayed to the receiver of the call.

You can come for a personal talk. Visiting address is KMPG, Sørkedalsveien 6, Oslo 0369

You can send a letter to: Varslingsmottak v/KPMG Advisory, Granskingsenheten, PV 7000 Majorstuen, 0306 Oslo.

Elopak appreciates your time and effort!