Our Approach

The Bigger Picture

We are aware that our own operations represent one aspect of a much larger picture. Elopak’s ambitious sustainability strategy, Future Proofed Packaging, includes a wider scope than just looking at the environmental impact of our own operations. Our strategy goes beyond the question of CO2 emissions and covers the full range of sustainability issues confronting our company. Elopak works together with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to reduce our impact on the environment, as well as promoting recycling nationally and locally.

Our Environmental Vision

Elopak has an ambitious sustainability vision. We aim towards zero net impact on the environment, both when it comes to our products and our own production. We want Elopak to achieve absolute sustainability. We are aiming for nothing less. These are our environmental focus areas:





We are aiming for:

renewable raw materials & energy


carbon neutral products & operations


Recyclable packaging


Recycled waste & products