Bonlac tropical seasonal drink boosts brand all year round

Published on: 26.06.2019

First launched in June last year in 1 Quart (946 ml) Pure-Pak® Classic cartons, the new tropical flavour was a great success for Bonlac and confirmed the brand’s leadership in the juice drink category in Panama. Now the Tropical seasonal drink has been launched as part of the Bonlac range of 15 drinks and is available in supermarkets, mini-markets, hotels and restaurants. 

“The introduction of the Pineapple drink offered different options for the consumer, not just a delicious juice drink but also as a mixer for tropical cocktails,” says Lourdes Aldrete, Marketing Manager, at Bonlac. “This new tropical flavour helped us to expand the variety of our beverage portfolio. The Panamanian market is continuously becoming more educated and interested in consuming fresh products with fruit content. With the added values Bonlac, as a high-quality brand, can provide what they want at an affordable price. 

“We package our products in Pure-Pak® cartons to maintain their freshness, which allows the consumer to obtain our products at a good price and enjoy them at different times and places of consumption. In addition, the cartons enable our products to be more environment 
friendly as they are completely recyclable,” adds Lourdes Aldrete. 

“For Bonlac, this launch of a seasonal product has contributed significantly to the volume and profitability of its business,” says Vinicio H. Soto, Elopak Central America. “This only demonstrates how a seasonal or promotional product can boost a brand and today the tropical Pineapple Drink still has rapidly growing sales and is part of the Bonlac Top 10 ranking fruit drinks in Pure-Pak® cartons, only one year after launch.”