DELTA relaunches MILKO

Published on: 24.06.2019

DELTA has relaunched MILKO, the ultimate chocolate milk drink in Greece, in 250ml and 450ml Pure- Pak® cartons with a new thunderbolt logo design! 

The new launch comes 34 years after the famous chocolate milk was first packaged in Pure-Pak® cartons in 1985 and brings a dynamic new design logo which boosts the brand’s concept and the key benefit of instant energy. 

“The new design with the thunderbolt visual communicates directly how MILKO’s rich chocolate taste experience is also a great source of energy and nutrition,” says Thanos Theodoratos, Elopak’s partner in Greece. “That’s why it remains a very popular school lunch pack drink, an everyday snack and also a sports drink for all ages.” 


After more than 30 years, Delta still chooses the Pure- Pak® carton for one of its most successful brands. “This handy pack, easy for all the family to grab and go, and importantly for the increasingly aware consumer, provides a highly sustainable package,” says Elia Baima, Marketing Director, DELTA. 

“The Pure-Pak® carton is 100% recyclable and consists on average of 75% paperboard made from a renewable resource. Our consumers value the convenience and environmentally friendly MILKO carton which, with a stunning new design, now delivers an outstanding package
for this much-loved brand.”