ELLE & VIRE adds new flavours to wake up your dishes

Published on: 26.06.2019

Launched in 2019, the two new offerings from Elle & Vire help consumers prepare tasty dishes with a Light cream and basil infusion option and a Light cream and roasted garlic infusion product.

As the brand indicates on the cartons, these new products will 'Réveille vos plats’ – Wake up your dishes!


The products are already sold in most major retail stores across France and were developed by Elle & Vire to focus on growing consumer needs for convenience and sustainability. 

“These two new creams were created to help consumers prepare delicious and simple recipes in minutes,” says Thomas Bundy, Product Manager from Elle & Vire. “They make cooking easy and fun, are made with only natural ingredients, no additives. Also, of course, they are presented
in recyclable cartons to meet increasing consumer concerns for sustainable packaging.”