First in Finland for natural brown paperboard

Published on: 08.12.2017

The first gable top packaging made from unbleached board has been launched in Finland, with the introduction by Arla of Naturally Pure-Pak® cartons for its organic milk.

Launched in early October, the introduction in Finland follows the launch of Naturally Pure-Pak® in September by Arla Foods Sweden for its EKO milk range. Naturally Pure-Pak® was developed by Elopak in collaboration with Stora Enso. The new paperboard, Natura Life™ by Stora Enso, retains the brown colour of the wood fibres, and has a visible fibre structure for a uniquely distinctive, natural look and feel.

The natural brown paperboard is in line with emerging trends. “Natural packaging materials are increasingly used to communicate organic values and enhance the sustainability of products,” says Juha Oksanen, Managing Director Elopak, Finland and Baltic. “Milk is one of the most widely used organic ingredients in Finland, and the new packaging of our organic milk is an ecological innovation that reduces impact on the environment,” adds category manager, Sanna Heikfolk, Arla.

Packaged in 1 litre Naturally Pure-Pak® cartons are Arla’s organic milk skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk and whole milk, and vitamin D-saturated skimmed milk. “Arla wants to provide its customers with as much choice as possible. Here is a more ecological option offering both a more natural and sustainable product and package,” adds Juha Oksanen. “The Naturally Pure-Pak® carton with the natural brown paperboard achieves a new level of climate responsible packaging and is the perfect tool to communicate organic values.”