FrieslandCampina produces sustainable PlanetProof milk

Published on: 24.06.2019

The labelling helps consumers to choose more sustainable milk that meets high demands in terms of animal welfare, nature and climate. The independent label – from Stichting Milieukeur – sets the standard for a broader sustainability approach for agriculture and horticulture and is available for every company.

FrieslandCampina was the first dairy company to meet these strict requirements. For a few cents more, consumers can now choose a more sustainable dairy product, which directly benefits the Dutch dairy farmers involved. 


More than 150 FrieslandCampina products are now available with the new 'On the way to PlanetProof' label – from fresh white milk to custard. They are filled across a full range of Pure-Pak® carton sizes and formats, including Pure-Pak® Classic, Pure-Pak® Mini and Pure-Pak® Sense cartons, plus family sized rectangular and maxi cartons. 

Gijs Dröge, Director of Stichting Milieukeur, said: "It is a great achievement from FrieslandCampina's dairyfarmers that they, together with the company, could meet all the requirements of the PlanetProof label and in that way offer the Netherlands the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. 'On the way to PlanetProof' involves several sustainability themes at the same time. That makes it so challenging because improvements on one component sometimes lead to lower scores on other components. Good scoring on all themes requires a lot of craftsmanship of the farmers.” 

Elopak supported FrieslandCampina in preparing for its transfer to 'On the way to PlanetProof milk’ and was proactive in planning and delivering all repro changeover processes. Every product needed to feature the PlanetProof logo and information, so managing the planning
was a complex project for the Elopak repro and account handling team, with all products produced on time to meet the launch. 


About On the way to PlanetProof milk:
For the On the Way to PlanetProof certificate, farmers and dairy companies work together to improve nature, climate and animal welfare. This, for example, could be the use of sustainable energy and less CO2 emissions for the climate, or less pesticides and more space for flowers and insects for nature. For cow welfare this might include massage brushes, sunbeds and outdoor grazing. The standards that the dairy farmers have to meet are monitored continuously and are made more stringent where necessary to uphold quality and the right to adorn an 'On the way to PlanetProof' label.