Making lunch better for UK soup lovers

Published on: 12.12.2017

New easy to open cartons from New Covent Garden Soup Co.

New Covent Garden Soup Company has launched its range of 600g soups in the 1 pint Pure-Pak® Diamond cartons with the Curve feature and closure. The new easy to open cartons have been launched in 2017 across the company’s largest range of chilled soups in the UK. 

The carton package has become synonymous with the brand, and the new cartons are launched alongside existing 700g (750ml) Pure-Pak® Diamond Curve cartons with closure. The 600g (one pint) products fit with New Covent Garden Soup Company’s mission to help people make the most out of lunch every day. Packs are handy to grab for lunches, and the new cap brings more convenience to consumers - easier to open, pour and completely resealable. 

The company has been crafting soups since 1987, with chefs using seasonal ingredients and inspiration from around the world to create a constantly changing array of the widest range of soups. Taste, health and nutrition remain at the heart of every recipe, which includes a Soup of the Month – a special new seasonal or on trend recipe. When it comes to soup, New Covent Garden Soup Company are pioneers! It’s website features recipes and serving suggestions for a nation of soup lovers – now with a more convenient carton.