Next generation takes Guernsey Farms Dairy into the future

Published on: 08.12.2017

For 77 years, Guernsey Farms Dairy has built on its heritage as one of the oldest family-owned dairies in Southeast Michigan, USA. Today, third generation ownership is taking it into the future with revamped packaging and new markets.

Elotalk spoke to Greg McGuire, who along with three of his cousins, is taking the helm of this much loved dairy. “Over time our products and our packaging has changed, evolving with market trends and consumer demands,” says Greg. “With the transition of the company to the next generation we maintain our simple but strong business philosophy: quality is priceless; with a focus on future growth.” 

Guernsey started running Elopak equipment at their dairy back in the last century. The partnership grew with the first delivery of Pure-Pak® blanks in 2007. More recently, they have worked together with the new generation to bring a new fresh look to their cartons. “The new carton design really represents who we are now,” adds Greg. “We have tightened up our logo so it is
more easily identifiable, simplified the design for a clean and modern image.” Serving the coffee lovers of Michigan In 2017 Guernsey partnered with two other Michigan companies to launch into the growing Coffee Cold Brew market. With Uncommon Coffee, Guernsey has launched three products in 1 pint Pure-Pak® cartons with closure; a straight cold coffee brew, a blend with Guernsey’s award-winning Chocolate milk and a Guernsey Half and Half blend. Products are distributed through retailers Lipari Foods and Meijer.

Launched with Biggby Coffee is a slightly sweetened coffee cold brew, a Guernsey Chocolate milk blended and a Caramel blended in 1 litre and 1 pint Pure-Pak® cartons. Biggby sells the products throughout its coffee shops in the Michigan area and also in some local grocery store chains. “These partnerships move Guernsey into a new and emerging market,” adds Greg. “We will continue to grow the business not just as a dairy but as a beverage manufacturer, and expand into new sectors. We are also currently working to expand into the Grand Rapids MI, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.”

About Guernsey Farms Dairy
Guernsey Farms Dairy is not just a dairy but brings Michigan-made goods to local consumers through a wide chain of McGuire Family Restaurants, ice cream Scoop Shops and Speciality Stores. It’s chocolate milk has received global acclaim winning the World’s Best Milk Award in 2013 at the World Dairy Expo. Established in 1940 by founder John McGuire, Guernsey Farms Dairy has become a Michigan landmark. The dairy is known for crafting quality dairy products with local, hormone-free milk including whole milk with vitamin D, 2% reduced fat milk, ½% low fat milk, skim fat free milk, buttermilk, half and half (half whole milk and half cream), heavy whipping cream and seasonal egg nog – all in Pure-Pak® cartons.