Rejuvenating the Benna milk brand

Published on: 12.12.2017

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. has re-launched its Benna brand fresh milk products in 1 litre and 500ml Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with a closure to improve convenience, modernity and hygiene.

Elopak has worked in collaboration with MDP on this latest project including the conversion and adaption of filling machine technology for the addition of the closure. “This is the first carton closure for fresh milk in Malta,” says Lionel Ploton, Elopak’s Market Unit Manager, North Africa and Malta. “As part of its investment programme the dairy wanted to update its packaging for the consumer and the environment. We provided options to increase the quality of the carton including a new board with a better light barrier to protect the milk’s taste and freshness quality.”

Innovative and modern
Launched on 3rd October, the new cartons also feature an innovative and modern look, an updated Benna logo and the addition of a ‘Farmer Owned – Quality Guarantee’ badge. The new logo keeps an element of past designs out of respect for the dairy’s achievements, but has been changed to be more modern and bolder in line with the company’s optimism for the future. The ‘Farmer Owned’ badge highlights the care the dairy takes of the milk from cow to the consumer’s table to achieve the best quality product. Packaged in the 1 litre and 500ml Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with closure are MDP’s fresh skimmed milk, fresh milk 2.5%, fresh whole milk, fresh lactose free milk and fresh milkshakes. This includes a new Coconut Milkshake in 500ml cartons, to
add to Benna’s milkshake range which includes two other flavour products namely chocolate and strawberry. New lactose free products were also introduced by the dairy last year to meet the growing number of lactose-intolerant consumers who still want to include dairy in their healthy lifestyle. “The introduction of a closure for the first time on our packaging elevates the  convenience of our products whilst retaining the benefits of a fresh product,” says Mr Martin Grech, Chief Operations Officer for Malta Dairy products Ltd. “The closure is more hygienic for opening and closing, and for storing in the fridge. The changeover to cartons with a closure also brings easier handling for elderly people, children and people with motor-skill problems,
giving them extra convenience.”

“The new-look and improved carton keeps milk delicious and fresh for longer through better light protection, and a more secure closure helps address the global issue of food waste. The closure on our cartons is the lightest on the market and uses less materials than standard closures adding the sustainability values of the Benna range,” adds Mr. Grech. The Pure-Pak® Classic cartons are also sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources, certified by Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) which guarantees that the carton comes from an environmentally responsible and renewable source, and is 100% recyclable.