Sicily premiers Natural Brown Board cartons in Italy

Published on: 07.03.2019

With the re-launch of its Latterie Siciliane brand, Zappalà is the first Italian dairy to introduce the authentic and sustainable Pure-Pak® cartons with Natural Brown Board. The carton enhances the dairy’s philosophy for its fresh milk: “The milk that is good for everyone, Sicily, Environment, You”. Latterie Siciliane fresh milk is good for Sicily because its production supports the Sicilian agricultural economy. It also helps the environment because it is packed in recyclable cartons and supports the consumer  because it is made only on controlled Sicilian farms.

The dairy which was founded in 1973 has become a big part of the region’s culture, forging a deep connection with the Sicilian people. The fresh regional milk was first launched under the Latterie Siciliane brand in 2015 and has become a Sicilian favourite all over Sicily and Calabria regions. 

“The Latterie Siciliane brand is produced from fresh milk farmed in the Sicily region,” explains Jacopo La Rosa, Elopak’s sales manager in Italy. “For Zappalà, the natural look and feel of the Pure-Pak® Sense carton
with Natural Brown Board communicates the freshness, purity and authenticity of Sicilian milk.”