Paper board

Board Technology

Our beverage cartons are made from approx. 80-90% paperboard, inside barriers and are coated with PE for maximum protection. The paper board is coated at our own facilities to guarantee optimum quality. Our different board structures are designed to ensure the integrity of the product and are also protecting the product from the external environment.  

Elopak's wide portfolio of carton materials for different liquid food offers:

alt• Optimized barrier properties for light and oxygen protection

• Preservation of sensitive product ingredients such as vitamins

• Maximum shelf life, longer freshness and guaranteed quality

• Best seal quality for effective distribution

• Colour and design durability on shelf

• Odour and taste free packaging


Natural Brown Board

Elopak introduced Pure-Pak® cartons with natural brown board in 2017. The new paperboard retains the natural brown colour of the wood fibres, and has a vistible fibre structure which feels different. This creates a naturally different, sustainable and authentic package that meets demands from growing trends in ecological and organic products.

Visit www.naturallypurepak.com and learn more about our Pure-Pak® cartons with Natural Brown Board.