General about services

Elopak offers research and development support, comprehensive after sales services and technical training and maintenance support.

Building a modern filling operation is a complex task, involving the installation of filling and materials handling equipment, plus a network of product tubing and process equipment. Such projects call for close collaboration with many different organizations and working in accordance with national and international standards and local requirements.

Following several successful partnerships with many of the world’s leading and most innovative beverage manufacturers, Elopak has an extensive experience in such operations, including filling line installation and logistic analysis of packaging product flow. Based on this portfolio of experience we can recommend filling equipment, distribution and internal plant layout to meet our customers’ strategic and on-site requirements.

Technical Services & Maintenance

Each Elopak site has a dedicated team of skilled service engineers, fully trained to maintain all our equipment to the highest standards and within all quality and safety regulations.

Serving the demanding food processing industry for over 50 years has taught us that only the best and highest of standards in maintenance techniques from both a technical and personnel point of view is acceptable in our customers’ competitive and consumer led market place.

In addition to dedicated on-site teams, Elopak also has a network of spare-part organisations located close to our markets, enabling us to execute the most complicated repairs with a minimum of downtime.

ELOPAK Technology Center

Best system expertise and testing facilities

Giving the best advice and the most accurate proposal for a product's packaging and shelf life requirements is our business at the Elopak Technology Center (ETC). All new products have to go live into the market place at some stage and it is the role of the ETC to reduce risk throughout the process of innovation, development and commercialization of products.

Every project needs to be rendered commercially sound, whether it is a customer project or our own research and development. Elopak offers best practices in simulated testing within our 2,000m² test center facilities and advanced laboratories.

ETC is structured to examine any production variable, from predicting filling performance, package integrity, product quality through storage and distribution condition to required shelf life. Such support is imperative for our customers who commit valuable resources and hardware investment in new packaging systems. Elopak works closely with research institutes, universities and specialist suppliers to supplement our own technical resources.