Projects and Marketing

Project Analysis and Planning

Elopak has extensive experience in project analysis and planning, complete filling line installations, logistic analysis of packaged product flow. Based on this we recommend filling equipment, distribution and internal plant layout.

Building a modern filling operation is a complex task, involving the planning and installation of filling and materials handling equipment, a network of product tubing and process equipment. It calls for close collaboration with people representing many different organizations, working in accordance with national and international standards and local requirements. Our experience has taught us that to make all these different elements pull together, project planning is needed. Elopak employs specialists with extensive experience derived from a range of major projects. They are trained in practices perfected over many years in the market and equipped with the most modern project tools available.

Having undertaken the planning, most customers employ Elopak planners as project leaders for the total project in order to benefit from our experience and track record.

Where the customers assign their own project leaders, our planning team will work in close co-operation with them, ensuring that our part of the project is coordinated and in full compliance with the overall plan.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support and Consumer Insight

Packaging is a key element of the marketing mix and plays an important role in the communication between producer and consumer.

One of Elopak's key objectives is to offer marketing support and consumer insight to help stimulate ideas, innovation and original concepts to generate new business opportunities for our customers.

We can offer detailed and up-to-date information on market trends and primary and secondary consumer research – either globally or for specific markets, by sector or geography.

We can produce carton samples of your product packed in our carton brands at short notice. 

Please contact any of our offices to get support and information.