Elopak Wins CarbonQuota Sustainability Award

We are proud to announce that Elopak has been presented with the CarbonQuota award for the Most Sustainable Initiative In Print 2020/21.

The judges said they were particularly impressed with Elopak’s “single-minded and straight-forward approach to sustainable business practices”.

They added that not only is Elopak’s carbon footprint lower than alternatives, but “the legacy of the organisation suggests it is going to get better and better”.

Reacting to the award, Elopak’s Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Verhelst, said “Elopak is delighted to be named the winner of the CarbonQuota Awards. The award is welcome recognition of the hard work and dedication of our staff, partners and suppliers who continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what we do so that we can provide ever more sustainable packaging solutions for brands and consumers.”

Carbon neutral since 2016, Elopak uses 100 per cent renewable electricity and has reduced emissions by 70 per cent over the past decade. Elopak offers customers renewable cartons that use wood-based renewable plastics, rather than relying on petroleum-based plastics.

The prize was awarded for Elopak’s most sustainable carton to date: the Pure-Pak Imagine® carton. Launched in 2020, the carton uses 46% less plastic than a conventional carton with a closure and is 100% wood-based, made with Natural Brown Board which uses less materials and fewer resources. The Pure-Pak Imagine® carton is fully renewable and carbon neutral, creating the perfect low carbon, circular economy approach to packaging.