Sustainability Company

We are in the business of combating climate change and driving a more circular economy, and it is our obligation to leave behind a better earth for the next generation. Being sustainable is core to our organization and we ensure economic growth without exploiting the resources or the people of this planet.

Sustainable company

Elopak selects Little Rock, Arkansas for its new production plant in the USA

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‘Food for Thought’

A brand new series is out presenting Elopak’s natural alternative to plastic bottles. Have a look at how we empower companies and consumers alike to make responsible choices.

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The 2022 Annual and Sustainability Reports

Last year was all about changing climates and tackling uncertainties related to geo-political, environmental and supply chain challenges. Read examples on how we managed to stay resilient and leave our customers’ products unchanged and the world unharmed, in our Annual and Sustainability Reports.

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