Annual reports

Our combined report for 2023 is here!

People, planet and profit: 2023 has been a year of significant milestones for Elopak. We have expanded our market presence, announced a new production plant in the US, and continued our path to become a net zero company by 2050.

“2023 was all about advancing our sustainable growth. I am thankful to all our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners for fantastic collaborations and results achieved throughout the year.”

CEO Thomas Körmendi

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In 2023 we welcomed 166 new employees – the highest number ever in a single year. Our workforce is represented in 40 countries – all representing different cultures. We aim for a balanced distribution of genders across all levels as reflected in our policies, covering recruitment, diversity, equity and inclusion. We significantly reduced our attrition rate in 2023, and through our Net Promoter Score we improved by 72% compared to 2022.


Sustainability is not a buzzword at Elopak, but the foremost guiding principle for everything that we do. 2023 marked 15 years of structured sustainability reporting and we were awarded an A+ score for ESG reporting by sustainability consultancy Position Green, placing us in the top 5% of companies best prepared for the introduction of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

Sustainability highlights


2023 was a strong year for us, and we delivered on all the 3-5-year midterm targets set in the IPO in 2021. Revenues grew by 9.4% organically to EUR 1.13 billion, adjusted EBITDA margin was 15.1%, and the leverage ratio at year end was 1.9x. This strengthened balance sheet represents a solid foundation for further growth for us and a testament to hard work and dedication of our employees.