Yoplait introduces its first spoonable yogurts in Pure-Pak® cartons.  

The pioneering French dairy brand Yoplait has just launched Yoplait en Brique, its first range of pourable and spoonable yogurts in fiber-based Pure-Pak® Sense cartons with tethered caps. 

One fiber based carton equals six plastic pots.  

For this new range of yogurts, Yoplait has chosen cartons over plastic packaging as a seek to answer the expectations of French consumers who desire simple yet delicious products in more sustainable packaging. For Yoplait, the Pure-Pak® Sense carton perfectly meets these expectations: the eco-designed container is made from 78% renewable materials and holds 750 grams of product – the equivalent of 6 yogurt cups, resulting in a 50% reduction in packaging1.  

“Yoplait has always been a pioneer of the dairy category and is the first dairy brand to launch a full range of spoonable yoghurts in cartons in France. With Yoplait en Brique packaged in the Pure-Pak® Sense carton, we reinvent the yoghurt experience bringing consumers delicious recipes, convenient, smart and responsible packaging solutions”

Myriam Riedel-Kienzi, Marketing director and International Business Unit at Yoplait.

Preventing food waste

By switching to fiber-based packaging, Yoplait is breaking new ground, meeting expectations for reduced packaging and providing consumers with fully recyclable packaging2 in the ultra-fresh sector. The Pure-Pak® Sense carton format reduces the quantity of packaging and is designed to prevent food waste, which is one of the most efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions. It has unique easy-folding lines that enable consumers to squeeze out any remaining yogurt from the cartons and has tethered caps that won’t become littering, reseal the packaging and keep the product fresh.

“The Pure-Pak® Sense carton uses 50% less packaging than six 125g tubs of Yoplait yogurt, addressing rising concerns over packaging waste. And for convenience at home, one carton takes up less space in the fridge compared to the plastic pot pack format and is easy to grab and completely resealable.”

Guillaume Calmels, Elopak France

Are cartons the future for yoghurt?

Consumers want to make sustainable choices and require convenient solutions that don’t compromise quality. We are excited to partner with brave and innovative brands like Yoplait that pave the way for sustainable solutions and provide their consumers with great options that are easy to use, keep the food fresh, and leave a lower carbon emission. 

“Before launching Yoplait en Brique, we conducted a lot of studies to understand whether consumers were ready to adopt the use of the carton. What makes us extremely confident is that before trying the product, 6 out of 10 consumers told us that they are ready to buy it; when after trying the product at home, 86% say they really want to buy it”

Myriam Riedel-Kienzi, Yoplait

1 compared to a packaging of 6 Yoplait yogurt cups, each weighing 125 grams. 

2 Elopak’s cartons are fully recyclable where infrastructure exist.