Investor Relations Policy
Elopak ASA

This investor relations policy (the “IR Policy”) apply to Elopak ASA (“Elopak” or the “Company”) and is based on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s rules, regulations and recommendations for listed companies, in particular to comply with the ‘Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2021’

1. Purpose
Elopak strives to provide professional, accurate and transparent information is available to all stakeholders, in order to contribute to the fair valuation of the Elopak share. This shall be done in accordance with relevant legal principles and proper corporate governance principles.

2. Disclosure/Communication/Policy
All communication with the financial community shall be on an equal basis in line with applicable laws and regulations. Elopak shall continually provide its shareholders, the Oslo stock exchange and the securities market and financial market in general with timely and precise information about Elopak and its operations.

Members of the executive management participate actively in dialogue with the financial market, while daily communication is handled by Investor Relations.

Inside information shall be dealt with in compliance with the Company’s instruction for handling inside information. This will be handled by Elopak’s Chief Legal Counsel.

Relevant information about Elopak shall be given in the form of annual reports, quarterly reports, press releases, notices to the stock exchange and investor presentations in accordance with what is deemed appropriate from time to time. All such information shall be published on the Elopak Group’s website. Relevant investor information will be made available at the Company’s web pages and on

Elopak shall observe a silent period about three weeks prior to the publishing of quarterly financial results. Elopak does not attend any investor or analyst meetings, or financial conferences during these periods.

The Company will publish an annual financial calendar with an overview of dates for financial reporting and other key events.

All relevant financial information will be provided in English.

3. IR events
In addition to making information easily available to stakeholders in general, the following meetings and presentations will be held on a continual basis:

Annual Reporting & Quarterly Reporting

  • All presentations shall be available at
  • Annual reports will be published 3 months after the end of the financial year.
  • Quarterly reports shall be available 45 days after the end of the quarter.
  • Results presentations shall be held for investors, analysts and other stakeholders.

Investor & Analyst Meetings

  • Elopak shall hold regular meetings with investors and analysts.
  • Elopak Capital Markets Day when the company considers it necessary.

Conferences, Seminars etc.

  • All presentations shall be available at