Filling equipment Aseptic

Our filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

Our filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

High Efficiency

Filling machines have a space-saving, compact design and fill up to 12,000 cartons per hour. With a required minimum manpower resulting in low utility consumption & operating costs.

Advanced Flexibility

Machines run multiple Pure-Pak® carton sizes and configurations. Also offer flexible change in design with a short automatic changeover time (maximum 2 minutes).

Automatic Blank Loader

Providing improved quality & hygiene, less physical effort for operators. This low space requirement also gives customers a reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Maximum Hygiene

With a compact aseptic chamber, every part of the machine is designed to meet maximum hygiene requirements.

Reduced Space

A modular construction provides transparency in operation and easy access maintenance.

Incomparable Reliability

We offer state-of-the-art technology, made in Germany with high precision.

Fill what you want

Broaden your spectrum of aseptically filled products and open up possibilities to new markets. Elopak’s latest specially designed filler valve extends the range of fillable products. It enables the filling of more sensitive and highly viscous products like smoothies, soups & gazpacho, passata & sauces, puddings & vla.

Through thick and thin

Unrivalled! The only carton packaging filling machine worldwide which allows the application of two different screw cap formats. For all E-PS120A filling lines with Pure-Pak® Sense format, Elopak’s latest cap sorting and application system enables two different closure sizes to be run on the same filling machine. This facilitates an easy change between the small Pure-Twist Universal and the medium-sized Pure-Twist Optima opening devices.

Fast and convenient change

  • PLC system adapts all relevant parameters of the system automatically
  • Less than 60 minutes
  • Little manual intervention
  • Automatic emptying function
  • Outside applied ultrasonic cap welding

Ambient Filling Machine Offering

  • Sizes:
Cross sections offered: Sizes:
70 x 70mm 16 oz to Quart
91 x 91mm 52 oz to Half-Galon

Pure-Pak® Aseptic Filling Line E-PS120A

Filling equipment Ambient

Blank Feeding

Requires Minimum Manpower due to:
• Semi-Automatic Blank Feeding
• One Control Loading Station
• Storage of 4,000 Blanks in Total
• 20-Minute Buffer Capacity within Magazine

Filling equipment Ambient

Blank wheel

• Space-Saving, as no external cap applicator is needed
• More Accurate Cap Application, due to internal cap applicator
• Automatic Discharge of Capless Blanks
• Improved Hygienic Performance, cap-welding with ultrasonic energy and de-duster to remove dust (PE, paper fibers, particles)

Filling equipment Ambient

Bottom Mandrel

More Robust Bottom Seal and Optimized Energy Consumption
• due to improved bottom folding and shorter sealing time

Filling equipment Ambient

Chain Unit

• Top Double Folding Ensures Equal Folding Characteristics
• Pocket Design for Reliable Carton Transport

Filling equipment Ambient

Aseptic Chamber

Small Aseptic Chamber Guarantees:
• fully aseptic performance with well proven H2O2 35% vapor sterilization system
• very accurate filling due to advanced filling system
• controlled sealing properties, less space, improved energy consumption due to inductive top sealing
• less manpower required due to easy, automatic and effective cleaning of aseptic chamber (incl. internal foam cleaning system)

Filling equipment Ambient

Outfeed Conveyor

Flexibly Adjustable to Customers’ Needs
• Upright Carton Transport
• Ejection of Wrongly-Filled Cartons

We adapt our machines to meet local standards as for example required by Europe and North America.
Please contact our Sales Team to discuss your specific needs.