First fresh milk brand to launch cartons in UK. Graham’s The Family Dairy adds fresh and organic milk cartons to range

From their family farm in the heart of Scotland, Graham’s has grown through three generations and is now Scotland’s largest independent dairy since setting up in Bridge of Allan in 1939. For the first time in 20 years Graham’s will be offering their customers milk in cartons in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic used across the range.

Launched this October, Graham’s Organic milk will be available in 500ml Pure-Pak® Classic cartons in Natural Brown Board. The award-winning dairy will also be rolling out its fresh standard milk in 500ml and 1 litre Pure-Pak® Classic cartons in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. All the new Graham’s milk cartons feature a renewable PE cap.

Following extensive consumer research amongst fresh milk buyers in May 2021, Graham’s found that 76% already choose food and drink purchases based on sustainability reasons. Two thirds (67%) would pay for the proposition from Graham’s of milk in cartons – specifically for the dairy’s message ‘same fresh milk, better for the environment’. *

Graham’s’ proposition for the launch of milk in cartons is aligned to the most important aspects of sustainability according to the latest research – with 59% of respondents confirming that reducing plastic waste is most important for them and 46% opting for packaging recycling as their environmental priority. *

“The research looked at our value propositions and existing assumptions about consumer perceptions and motivations to both our product and package,” says Robert Graham, Managing Director at Graham’s The Family Dairy. “It was clear that any change in packaging must present no compromise on freshness and quality – delivering the same fresh milk in a better package for the environment.”

The cartons communicate clearly to the consumers how this is achieved. “The carton provides the perfect opportunity to talk to our customers, and we use the side panel space to explain how our new paperboard packaging is helping us eliminate 1000 tons of plastic,” adds Robert.

Key messages to the consumer on the carton explain the many environmental and practical reasons for the switch to low carbon cartons with 25% plus higher transport efficiency compared to the traditional HDPE bottles. Milk buyers can read how the new Graham’s cartons contain less 70% plastic and enable optimal light protection retaining taste and nutrients, as well as being a more convenient shape for the fridge.

Graham’s work with 100 Scottish farmers who follow the dairy’s key values of Family, Farming, Heritage, Provenance and Quality. Farming is in the DNA at Graham’s which today is run by the third generation of the family. “As farmers the Grahams are passionate about the planet and by taking small steps we can protect the environment for the future generations,” adds Robert. “Largely made from renewable forest-based materials that are responsibly sourced and produced with 100% renewable energy our packaging is fully recyclable and can be recycled into new cardboard and other products.”

The dairy began producing fresh milk on their farm at Bridge of Allan in 1939 with 12 Ayrshire and British Friesian cows. The Graham family still call the farm home today and produce a wide range of dairy products made with the freshest Scottish ingredients. Today more than half of Scotland’s households buy Graham’s products which is proudly Scotland’s No.1 Chosen Brand.

Source: * TRKR, 1099 Fresh Milk Buyers