Meet Joost

“Even after 14 years, I’m still happy with my choice.”


“Even after 14 years, I’m still happy with my choice.”


When a friend told Joost Lievens about Elopak 14 years ago, he decided to try it out. Today, he has advanced to Team Leader and perfectly embodies what happens when ambition meets trust and opportunity.

Joost joined Elopak in 2008 after a friend recommended the company. In the 14 years since then, he has gone from Assistant Operator to Machine Operator, Process Operator, and today, Team Leader in the production — and that constant development is one of the main reasons why he’s still happy here.

Ambition, trust and opportunity

Joost credits his massive development to a mix of his own high ambitions, the development opportunities within Elopak, and the trust the company has shown him throughout. This includes ongoing education, training, and courses allowing him to develop himself and his skills — all while advancing and increasing in responsibility.

He likes his current role as Team Leader as it gives him an opportunity to also deliver on ambitions for his team as well as for Elopak. And the role has already taught him a great deal about how to best lead your team to success.

“At Elopak, they have a lot of trust in me, so that gives me the drive to go further.”

Teamwork is everything

Working together with his colleagues is Joost’s absolute favorite thing about his job. He highlights the positive impact of having agile processes and a flat organization — despite being many people across many fields and countries.

Not only does it ensure that you can always get answers to your questions. It also utilizes everyone’s different perspectives and strengths to move forward as a team — both key to reaching common goals.

“The very best part of my job is reaching goals together with my team.”

A great product with a great story

Joost always enjoys telling friends and family about Elopak. The fact that most people pick up an Elopak product every day, combined with the philosophy behind them, and the history of starting as a family business is the stuff great stories are made of.

That said, the pace of Elopak’s development over the last 14 years has surprised even an experienced employee like Joost. But just like the company, he stays dedicated to developing and improving himself every day.

“I’m very proud of what we do here at Elopak – and I like to let everyone see that.”