Packaging by Nature™

The Beverage Carton is the Environmentally Superior Choice

From a sustainability perspective, the paperboard carton has inherent and important environmental benefits over alternative forms of packaging for liquid foods:

Renewable Renewable

The primary raw material for our beverage cartons is wood, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Indeed all our cartons consist of on average 75% paperboard derived from wood.

But we are not satisfied with merely 75% renewable material content in our cartons. We wanted to do more. And we have. Elopak now offers renewable polyethylene options for our cartons, bringing us much closer to our vision of a 100% renewable carton.

Recyclable Recyclable

All our cartons are fully recyclable, thus reducing raw material use and carbon emissions.

Responsible Responsible

Beverage cartons safely preserve product contents and maintain nutritional value. Our new carton, Pure Pak® Sense, also reduces food waste, by decreasing the amount of product residue left in the carton.

Various independent studies, including full life cycle assessments, show that beverage cartons have a lower CO2 footprint and consume less water than alternatives.

Transportable Transportable

The rectangular shape of the carton provides more space efficiency during transport and storage; transported as a flat-pack prior to filling further reduces delivery costs and environmental impact.