Packaging by Nature™

The best packaging option that keeps getting better.

The best option…
Pure-Pak® cartons bring value, quality and environmental performance together, with four key benefits that make them the best option:

Less plastic
Pure-Pak® cartons keep products fresh using less plastic than alternative containers. We’re constantly reducing the plastic content, and you can also go ‘fossil-free’ with options based on plant or forest-based plastics. As concern about plastics grows worldwide, Pure-Pak® is the choice for responsible businesses looking to reassure consumers and position their brands as sustainable.

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Good wood
We build our Pure-Pak® cartons with wood fibre to create a strong carton from materials that grow back. Pure-Pak® cartons offer unrivalled product protection in a way that’s good for nature and future generations, with the FSC™ (FSC license code FSC™ C081801) on-pack certification consumers are looking for. With our forest-based plastics option, you can have up to a 100% renewable carton entirely based from wood.

Low carbon
The way we source and manufacture Pure-Pak® cartons delivers climate protection that other packaging types can’t match. With the pressure on to hit carbon reduction targets throughout the value chain, Life cycle analyses show that Pure-Pak® cartons beat aluminium, glass and plastic for low carbon and its flattened shape means more efficient distribution. We are further reducing the carbon footprint of Pure-Pak® cartons by increasing our material efficiency and using green electricity. To go one step further, Pure-Pak® cartons can also come with carbon neutral certification on pack.

Easily Recyclable
Made of materials ready for countless new applications, Pure-Pak® cartons live on after use. They are recycled at a growing number of sites where the layers are separated ready for remanufacturing into new products from cardboard boxes to furniture and roof tiles.