Ammerland and Bio ESL milk

Ammerland has chosen to focus on regional farming, bio-based agriculture and renewable resources and launched its certified Bio milk Ammerländer Unsere Biomilch in October 2018. Now in 2019, the “Weidemilch brand” is also available in ESL Bio milk in both 1 litre Classic Pure-Pak® and Pure-Pak® Sense cartons with renewable, forest-based PE.

Elopak’s renewable PE is produced through a mass balance system, which is reviewed across the certified value chain by third-party auditors annually. This means that polyethylene is produced from a mix of fossil and renewable raw materials, and certain batches of PE is allocated certified renewable. The certification system ensures that the input of renewable raw materials equals the output of renewable PE.

With the introduction of renewable PE, Ammerland has also expanded its production capacity and efficiencies with the installation of two new filling machines from Elopak.

The two new lines in Ammerland’s modern state-of-theart dairy bring higher capacity, each with the production of 14,000 cartons per hour, and the more efficient filling of the organic milk.

One of the two lines also incorporates two packers which enables Ammerland to fill and pack two different products on one machine. The other line has been fitted with a high capacity horizontal accumulator and continuous motion wrap around packer significantly increasing the productivity of the dairy. All the lines are equipped with Elopak’s ELOEE system, which monitors the efficiency of the complete line. Both machines are equipped with the quick changeover process between Pure- Pak® Classic and Pure-Pak® Sense cartons, providing Ammerland with exceptional operational flexibility.

“Ammerland is constantly investing in the latest ESL (Extended Shelf Life) technology and innovation to further build its ‘ tradition of progress’ for dairy farming and dairy production in Northern Germany. The dairy is still run today by regional farmers all within 80 kms, making the Ammerländer brand very much farmer-owned.” explains Maarten Kaal, Key Account Manager, Elopak. “With both companies’ core business focussed on fresh products, Elopak is strongly placed through its partnership with Molkerei Ammerland we will continue to support its developments and investments for the future of this traditional – yet progressive dairy.”