Arla Foods has entered the plant-based market with a new brand JÖRĐ, featuring three dairy alternative drinks in cartons.

Arla’s Senior Innovation Manager, Vadim Smolenkin, spoke to Elotalk about the significance of the launch both to the company and the market.

“At Arla, we cater for all consumers,” explains Vadim. “We see that 85-95% of consumers buy plant-based food alongside dairy products. On
top of that, the vegan and vegetarian segments also continue to evolve. At Arla we produce products for everyone, dairy and non-dairy, to
enjoy side by side.”

The first three products under the new JÖRĐ brand have been introduced across Denmark and will be launched in the UK later this year,
expanding to Sweden and other countries in 2021. Arla is introducing a range of dairy-free plantbased drinks featuring: JÖRĐ Oat, JÖRĐ Barley
and JÖRĐ Hemp, presented in 1 liter Pure-Pak® Sense cartons with Natural Brown Board. All the new products are organic and contain only natural and Nordic ingredients.

The new brand name JÖRĐ comes from Norse mythology. JÖRĐ was a goddess who was the personification of Mother Nature. This ‘mother
earth’ figure combines a focus on nature with Nordic ingredients – and so Arla’s latest brand and category are born. “The launch of JÖRĐ was a big decision, and was not possible without the commitment from our farmers and the highest levels of the company, plus investment in talent, technology, passion, and resources,” continues Vadim. “It was natural for Arla to enter this market, which is adjacent to the milk category. New products should be fascinating and interesting, and we know from research that taste and novelty are driving this category and that these three new varieties were winners.”

“Oats are part of Nordic life and our Arla roots, and this fits into growing consumer interest in simplicity and naturalness,” adds Vadim. “We have used only a handful of ingredients, and no ‘nasties’. We make all three drinks with only organic and Nordic ingredients. JÖRĐ Oat is a pure oat drink with a fresh and pure taste of Nordic oats. JÖRĐ Hemp balances oats with the nuttiness of sustainable and healthy hemp and JÖRĐ Barley adds the sweetness of barley and brings a rediscovering of old ancient Nordic cuisine.”

All of these new JÖRĐ products are made of only natural ingredients without preservatives and can be used in coffee and tea, porridge, smoothies, or consumed on their own as a cool summer drink. Extensive consumer research and focus groups enabled Arla to identify the best recipes for the first JÖRĐ offerings and also the best package. “The Pure-Pak® Sense carton with Natural Brown Board beat all considered market alternatives in terms of visibility, communication, and engagement,” says Vadim. “We wanted to turn away from what we see in the market in terms of brand positioning and establish a new fascinating brand that has its own point of view and brings aspiration in peoples’ lives.

“The carton communicates the Nordic and natural values of JÖRĐ with its look and feel. It generates a warm, confident feeling with the consumer due to its responsibly sourced materials, sustainable design, and recyclability.”

Senior Innovation Manager Arla, Vadim Smolenkin