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Around the turn of the century the idea of packaging milk in paper was explored. A book by Dr. Winslow of Seattle, Washington, published in 1908 contains the first known record of paper-based milk containers. 

According to Dr. Winslow, the first practical examples were actually sold on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles as early as 1906. The solution was not very practical

Pure-Pak® patent 100 years 1915-2015

This animated film gives you 100 years of development in 100 seconds. Watching it once is not enough...


ELOPAK CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF THE PURE-PAK® PATENT                                    

Elopak has a long and exciting history featuring people with entrepreneurship, courage, vision and dedication continually bringing the company forward to new growth. Supporting customer’s world-wide, preserving the resources of the world and developing innovative packaging solutions has been at the heart of our organization for decades.

2015 is the official 100 years anniversary of the paperboard gable top carton. On 19 October 1915 the US Patent Office granted the first patent for a paper milk bottle, which became known as the gable top Pure-Pak® carton.

A century later and the gable top carton has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular packages for milk products all over the world. The Pure-Pak® carton has evolved into a globally trusted and sustainable package for beverages and liquid foods of all kinds, and is used daily by consumers in over 100 countries.

Elopak will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the gable top carton throughout 2015 to honor the market longevity of the Pure-Pak® carton and highlighting the reasons for its staying power in a world that has significantly changed over the last 100 years.

For Elopak, there is no secret for the success of the Pure-Pak® carton. Its lightweight, user-friendly and product protection properties has maintained its popularity over the years. Made from renewable resources and fully recyclable, the carton scores equally highly on its environmental sustainability.

Further announcements will be made in due course about Elopak’s 100 year celebrations of the Pure-Pak® carton.

60 years and Elopak is ready for more growth

On 11th February 2017, Elopak will mark its 60th anniversary by celebrating its growth, developments and innovations as a leading international supplier of beverage carton packaging solutions.