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Ensuring sustainability through generations. Jørgen is making it real.

Ensuring sustainability through generations. Jørgen is making it real.

In the bustling Elopak factory of Aarhus, Denmark, about 3.5 billion cartons come to life each year. Shift mechanic Jørgen Carstensen is one of our many talented people that contribute to making this real. He has dedicated over 40 years to ensuring the smooth operation of machinery for carton production.  

Crafting replacement components for our machines, his expertise is crucial for both planned maintenance, unexpected repairs, as well as for improvement work and prototyping new components.  

Jørgen is not the first in his family to work at Elopak. He is a third-generation employee, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. Jørgen’s mother also worked at the factory for a short time, and that’s where she met his father. 

We talked to Jørgen about his reflections on how Elopak has changed over the years, his proudest achievements and his advice to people aspiring to learn the machining trade.   

What inspired you to become a shift mechanic? 

I’ve always been fascinated by how things work, and growing up, I had a natural interest and hobby of modeling. I also learned a lot from my father, who was a mechanic and a safety manager at the same factory. 

How have you experienced working at Elopak over the years? 

Over the years, Elopak has transitioned from manual to automated processes. Much of the manual work is now done by robots. In the past, it was much more dictated what we should do, but now we have much more responsibility in how we solve the job and the tasks.  

What do you find most challenging and rewarding about your work? 

The biggest challenge is prioritizing tasks, especially when unexpected breakdowns occur. You must be quick on your feet and ready to tackle any issue that arises. As for the rewards, it’s the variety of work and the satisfaction that comes from solving a tough problem. There’s a real sense of achievement when you keep the production running smoothly. 

I also appreciate the uniting nature of my work. I have a large interface. People come from all over the factory with things they want to make, and things they want to repair, or ideas to make prototypes.  

What are you most proud of having contributed to as a shift mechanic at Elopak? 

I have played an important role in establishing control over our spare parts inventory and contributed to workplace safety for 14 years. As I approach retirement, I aim to continue optimizing maintenance and expanding my skills in 3D modeling and machining. 

What is your best advice to someone who wants to become a shift mechanic at Elopak? 

Be curious and eager to learn. This job requires continuous learning and adapting to new challenges. Elopak is a fantastic place to grow and contribute to a sustainable future. You will enter a very good workplace. There are good opportunities for training internally and externally. This is a place where you can truly learn the trade. 

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