It all started with a napkin

Innovation is about creativity, knowledge, and pushing boundaries. At Elopak, innovations can come from complex projects, but also simple ideas drawn down on a napkin.

Developing new and more sustainable packaging remains at the top of our agenda. Examples include sourcing the right raw materials, minimizing waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe we can make a real difference by making conscious choices.

Innovation is in our legacy. The first Pure-Pak® was introduced over a century ago and is just as relevant today. This is made possible through our constant quest for improvements and innovations, so that we can continue offering a better alternative to plastics.

Our award-winning Natural Brown Board actually started as a doodle: “How can we make our carton even more sustainable?” The ideas were all drawn down on a napkin. The answer was as easy as it was complicated; by not bleaching the fibers, we could reduce the chemicals, and the fibers would remain more robust. This means less raw material is needed to produce each carton.

It might seem like a detail, but imagine the impact once multiplied by millions. One simple question can result in a highly advanced solution – to the benefit of many. No matter the approach, we keep on innovating, to empower our customers and consumers to make the best choices for a more sustainable future.