Meet Andreas

“Being a part of this company means having a significant impact and being part of something big.”

“Being a part of this company means having a significant impact and being part of something big.”

Meet Andreas, our innovative and curious Key Account Manager. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, he moved to Norway in 1999 and has been a part of the Elopak family for over 10 years. 

Andreas holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration, Energy Economics, and Resource Management from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB). Curious of nature and always pushing boundaries, he played an instrumental role in developing D-PAK, our first-ever non-food carton. D-PAK first hit the shelves in 2020, when Orkla – a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors –introduced new refill cartons for both its hand soap and laundry detergent on its brand, Klar.  

It was Andreas who first introduced to Orkla the idea of replacing their plastic packaging with fiber-based packaging solutions. In 2022, Orkla expanded it’s use of carton packaging to reduce plastic across numerous of its brands in the Nordics. Today, our D-PAK carton is used among multiple customers throughout our global markets.  

What originally attracted you to work at Elopak?  

Living in close proximity to Elopak’s innovation and technology center at Spikkestad, Norway, I stumbled upon an open position for a Key Account Manager. At that time, I was working in the oil and gas sector, focusing on transitioning large industrial companies from oil to natural gas, and biogas. 

What resonated with me the most were the company’s green values. As a resource economist the concept of resource utilization has always been a key interest of mine. Joining a company that shared this value felt like the right step in my career journey. 

Can you explain your role at Elopak? 

As a Key Account Manager for the Norwegian market, I support the dairies Tine and Røros. I am the main point of contact for our customers and manage their portfolio, which includes machinery, packaging and technical aspects. I also handle inquiries about new machines, outlets, dairies, and annual price negotiations.  

I field a wide range of questions and requests, from purchasing to top management, dairy managers, marketing, brand managers, and design teams. In essence, my role requires a balance of technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and communication skills. 

Can you share what you’ve learned since joining the company? 

I’ve discovered that there’s an incredible wealth of expertise within this company, and the importance of curiosity and leveraging your network cannot be overstated.  

Although my primary role has always been as a Key Account Manager, I’ve consistently explored potential alternative uses for our carton. One of the first things I appreciated about the company was the professional environment. Being at the center of research & development and technical development is truly energizing – it’s where everything happens. 

Are there things you are especially proud of having done at Elopak, and why?  

One accomplishment that stands out is the development and introduction of the D-Pak to the market in 2020. This was a truly unique project. We worked closely with the customer to find the right packaging, tested different board qualities, and gained insights into the differences between liquid foods and soaps. We also adapted our filling machine to be capable of filling liquid soap and detergents. The entire process has been a learning experience and seeing the idea come to fruition is something I’m extremely proud of. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the development and introduction of D-PAK? 

At Elopak, I have always been asking questions, exploring new possibilities, and pushing for innovation. And it was this mindset that made me venture into non-foods in the first place.  

Early on, we started by experimenting with different soap mixtures and packaging. In the fall of 2018, I first pitched D-PAK to Orkla. We believed our product aligned well with their profile and our aspirations. This meeting kick-started a more concrete project, which involved creating more mockups and have focus groups test the concept. We knew we had a successful product after an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the test panel. We then moved on to further testing, and, through trial and error adapted our existing filling machines to fill soap. 

If you were to recommend a friend to start working at Elopak, what would you say? 

I would definitely emphasize the positive working environment. It’s evident in the longevity of the employees’ tenure here. There’s something special about this company that encourages people to stay for a long time.  

Being a part of this company means having a significant impact and being part of something big. So, if you’re looking for a place that cares about its employees, helps you grow, and lets you make a big impact, I would highly recommend considering a position here. 

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