The feather in one’s cap

We offer a range of openings and closures suitable for ambient products with extended shelf life such as plantbased products, dairy products, juice, water and soups. Specifically developed for long-lasting, aseptically filled products, our closures are applied in our state-of-the-art filling system using ultrasound within the filling machine. The caps have a tamper-evident band to indicate if the pack has been opened or tampered with. They also are equipped with a bore seal, providing a leak-tight re-closure. All the closures are available in a selection of different colours.


The Pure-TwistFlip™ is designed to keep the closure attached to the carton throughout its entire lifecycle, thereby reducing the risk of the closure being littered.

The Pure-TwistFlip™ complies with the EU’s Single-Use Plastic Directive, introduced as part of the efforts to reduce the impact of certain plastic products in the environment and tackle marine littering. As cartons with the tethered cap can be sorted and collected with the cap attached to the carton, it is s convenient for consumers to recycle.

The Pure-TwistFlip™ is the result of several consumer studies conducted to identify the best design. The current design had the highest purchase intention and scored highest on the most important consumer attributes, such as “easy to open”, “solid and reliable” and “safe reclosing”.

Our Pure-TwistFlip™ openings for ambient products comes in two different sizes options, 27 mm and 31 mm, or 27 o and 31 o. A cap to fit every need.

Easy Opening

We aim to help consumers make conscious environmental choices. The Easy Opening gives the environmentally-minded consumer a more sustainable pack with less plastic and more renewable materials. Our Closure-free cartons have approximately 2,7 grams less plastic and can reduce the carbon footprint by 25-30% compared to Pure-Pak® with closure.

We offer a wide range of carton sizes and cross-sections in White or Natural Brown board, enhanced with our Easy Opening technology, to help position you at the forefront of sustainable packaging.