Pure-Twist closures

Specially developed for long-life products and aseptic filling, in our latest equipment they are applied ultrasonically within the filling machine without the need for a separate applicator downstream from the filling machine.
Pure-Twist closures include a tamper evident band to indicate when the pack has been opened. A half-cut maintains the barrier properties of the carton until it is opened. On twisting the cap, the cutter of the closure pierces the last layer of the carton and the half-cut opens, breaking the seal of the carton.

Easy to open, tamper evident and offering excellent pouring, they are resealable.

Our Pure-Twist closures are designed for long-life products in ambient distribution, and come in various sizes and colors.

Our Pure-Twist closures come in different sizes and with our inter-changeability kit, you can even switch between two different closure sizes on the same filling machine. Choose Pure-Twist Optima when you need a larger opening, or Pure-Twist 2U for less plastic and lower cost.