Making responsible choices

As companies and consumers are widening their horizons and looking for more sustainable products, packaging is becoming a key differentiator.

Designed to leave the product unchanged and the world unharmed, cartons from Elopak offers the natural alternative to plastic bottles. In fact, did you know that our brown board cartons have up to 73% lower carbon footprint compared with the plastic alternatives1. This is worth considering the next time you are in the supermarket.

It’s all about making responsible choices to the benefit of us all. The Pure-Pak® carton family is predominantly made of byproducts from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. It is designed to offer optimal light protection that preserves the vitamins and the taste of the product for longer. After all, that is what packaging is all about; ensuring that products reach consumers safely for them to enjoy.

After use, the carton is fully recyclable where infrastructure is in place – all layers are separated and everything from the paperboard to the polymers, barriers and the closures can be recycled. Cartons are also a better choice due to the lower emissions stemming from high transport and packaging efficiency.2

Designing more environmentally sustainable packaging solutions requires planning, close collaboration, and willingness to invest. Read about how several of our customers are making responsible choices to the benefit of our common future:

1 Carton with natural brown board compared with PET bottle, North American Life Cycle Assessment on packaging for Fresh Milk and Juices conducted by Anthesis for Elopak in May 2021

2 Supporting evidence – Environmental performance of beverage cartons December 2020.