Molokija Selective milk – made with love.

Published on: 24.06.2019

New Molokija ‘Selective’ milk is special quality milk made ‘with love’ and only the best raw ingredients from farms. Each of the dairy farms has its own way of farming, but they all share the common goal of getting the most delicious quality milk from healthy cows.

Ternopil Dairy carefully selects the best farms where the cows’ health and wellbeing are a priority, and where innovative technologies are implemented. Cows are kept clean, dry and well-groomed, and are constantly monitored by an experienced veterinarian. They are fed a diet that supports their health and live in comfortable conditions, which all help to provide a good livelihood for the farm.

The launch of the ‘Selective’ milk and cream range, in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Sense cartons with Natural Brown Board, supports Ternopil Dairy’s drive to combine both unique products and packaging.

“We call the milk ‘Selective’ to reflect how we carefully select only the most special farms, which provide extra quality and the most naturally farmed milk”

Julia Demchik, Marketing Director of “Molokiya”.

“Therefore, we required a unique package that communicated the special natural quality of ‘Selective’ by enhancing the message that this is just milk, and just cream – with no additions. A natural package for a natural product.”