Our new Board Chair

In May, we had the pleasure to confirm Dag Mejdell as the new Chair of our Board of Directors. Dag has enjoyed a diverse career in industries including energy, logistics and supply chain management.

Dag has occupied senior positions at major firms such as Posten Norge, and Dyno, where he served as CEO in 1997 before going on to head up the company’s PE-owned explosives arm Dyno Nobel. Dag continues to chair the board of Norsk Hydro, an renewable energybased aluminium firm, SpareBank 1 SR Bank Norway’s largest privately held regional bank and Mestergruppen, a leading Nordic construction trade group. Dag has a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics.

To the left, Elopak’s new Board Chair, Dag Mejdell and to the right Elopak’s CEO Thomas Körmendi.

Earlier this month, we caught up with Dag to learn a little more about him and what aspects of Elopak’s future he’s most excited about.

What excites you about Elopak?
Elopak is playing an important role in people’s everyday life. Our cartons secure safe, convenient, and sustainable packaging solutions for a wide variety of food products that we as consumers enjoy virtually every day.

What parts of Elopak’s business do you feel most passionate about?
My passion will certainly grow as I meet more of the people who make Elopak so special around the world. But already now I can say that I am very impressed by the people I have met; their know-how, pride, and passion for what we are and how they want to drive the company forward and excel.

What do you hope to bring to Elopak as its new Chair?
I have been working in a wide range of industries both in executive and non-executive positions. My experience covers industries ranging from chemicals to plastics, commercial explosives, logistics, aluminium and banking. While each business has its own characteristics and value chains, I think there often are similarities in business processes such as go-to-market strategies, operational improvements, and human resource management, just to mention a couple. Transferring best practices between industries will help bring Elopak forward.

What do you expect to be the next big trend in the carton sector?
Many of the changes that we can expect will evolve around sustainability and circularity. In the case of Elopak, the opportunity to convert plastic products to carton is still a big, untapped opportunity.

Dag Mejdell touring the Innovation Center at Elopak Spikkestad Norway together with Director System Performance, Erlend Sveva (in the middle) and CEO Thomas Körmendi.

What can shareholders expect from Elopak in the next few quarters?
Backed by the Board, management is working hard every day to grow the business and improve the operational performance. Looking at the rationale for the 2021 listing, alot has been delivered already. Hence, we are currently assessing future scope and ambitions for the company. This will form the basis for how Elopak moves forward.

What are your first impressions of Elopak since you joined as Chair?
Elopak has a strong and proven business model that has worked well over time. We also have two major competitors with strong growth models. I think we need to increase our growth pace going forward and take benefit from the mega trends that favor the carton business.

What will be the biggest challenge going forward?
In Europe, but also in other markets, new regulation will impact business significantly. While we manufacture and sell sustainable products, we know that further efforts are needed to ensure our packages are effectively recycled into new products in all markets. It is probably both the industry’s and Elopak’s largest challenge – and opportunity.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I stay fit, and enjoy exercising, whether it is running or hiking during the warmer part of the year or cross-country skiing during the wintertime. And of course, being with my family and friends is an important part of my life, whether it is at home or out travelling. I have three kids and last year I became a grandfather twice so that has also added a new dimension to life!

What inspires you?
I have always tried to set targets for what I want to accomplish. In a professional context, that means working with management and driving the company forward by setting bold and ambitious targets, yet realistic. Then later looking back and seeing that we actually made it, and made a difference, is truly satisfying.