Milk & More innovates by introducing fresh milk in cartons to UK doorsteps

Milk & More is the UK’s oldest and largest doorstep milkround company, bringing fresh British milk, juice, bread, eggs, and a host of other breakfast staples and daily essentials direct to customers’ homes, all via a free and convenient delivery service. 

For the first time, Milk & More is adding milk cartons to its offer from 15th April 2024, providing more choice to customers when considering food packaging and its impact.  

Customers can now order their Standard and Organic fresh milk, across Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed varieties in one pint and one liter Pure-Pak® Classic cartons with Natural Brown Board.  

Designed with the environment, food safety and convenience in mind, the Pure-Pak® cartons can be fully recycled where facilities exist. The cartons also preserve light sensitive nutrients present in milk for longer than alternative packaging, keeping milk fresher from production to consumption1.

Milk & More made the most of the design canvas of the cartons to create a collection of fun, table worthy, and interactive packs that captures its community spirit. A series of striking on pack designs feature a mix of different house fronts representing the diversity of British households, consumer tastes and lifestyles that make up Milk & More customers.  

Each of the 12 milk varieties is presented as a different façade of a home. Every pack has a unique front door, and the range features an array of window types, balconies, plants, flora and trees, cats, dogs and wildlife plus the odd post box and noticeboard.  

By linking through an on-pack QR code Milk & More customers are led to behind the scenes videos of life on the milkround, plus competitions and offers. 

Low carbon emissions 

The Pure-Pak® cartons bring many sustainability benefits including a low carbon footprint plus transport efficiencies. Cartons are made with fibers sourced from well managed and certified forests. Based on bio based materials, the tethered cap remains attached to the carton throughout its use. The entire package is fully based on renewable and recyclable materials, helping to secure resources for generations to come. 

Milk & More’s commitment 

The decision to add cartons to the range represents Milk & More’s desire to present customers with a wider range of options to reduce their household’s impact. Milk & More will continue to deliver pints of fresh milk in refillable glass bottles to doorsteps across Britain, by one of the largest electric delivery fleets in the UK. 

 “We appreciate that sustainability is a highly complex subject, when it comes to packaging. We know that our customers want to be more sustainable, and we are committed to helping them make a difference by extending our offering with the new milk cartons, while maintaining the same freshness and great quality milk as our glass bottles. 

Neil Borer, Chief Customer Officer at Milk & More

‘We’ve learned from Elopak’s research and proven expertise that cartons represent a genuinely viable alternative, a sustainable package option which is fully recyclable in the UK. The one-pint glass bottle remains central to our proposition, but we believe the new milk cartons now provide a new sustainable choice for our customers.” 

Fully recyclable 

The Pure-Pak® carton contains fibers of very high quality that can be recycled up to seven times. After collection and sorting, the cartons go to dedicated paper recycling mills. There, a simple process of water and agitation separate the paper fiber from the carton lining. The resulting recycled materials are used to make new products, such as cores and tubes. 

Depending on the location and local authority, cartons can either be recycled through household kerbside collection or at recycling points via bring banks which can be located in local recycling hubs or supermarket car parks. 

1source Campden BRI/Elopak study